Why I worry

I have given a lot of thought to what I should do about the money situation that’s coming up. I’ve bored you all to tears with it by now I’m sure. But, here’s the thing: I worry and worry but the things I worry about never happen. Or, if they do, they’re much less serious than I anticipated. Here’s the other thing though: if I didn’t worry that much just one time, it would be the time things got serious. I worry so that no one else has to. I worry so that we are covered in any eventuality. My husband thinks I worry too much (and he may be right), but I submit that it’s my worrying that has kept us in such good shape all these years.

Regardless of the truth of the above, I will, realistically, never stop worrying about money. (Unless we win a huge jackpot or something – unlikely though) One of the things that I do to calm myself when I’m feeling anxious is math. A favorite thing to do is math dealing with money. I can manipulate it all over the place: add variables, figure simple interest, project into retirement, all kinds of stuff. None of it means a thing because I have no solid numbers to work with when dealing with the future, but it makes me happy. Wow, that sounds like I’m a miser, rubbing my hands together over my stacks of gold. It’s more about the math than about the money, but I get worked up about the money if my math comes out badly. I’m an odd duck, I know.

Anyway, oddness aside, I am the money manager for the house. I pay the bills, I keep the accounts. That entitles me to some measure of worry about the money situation. I try to keep us comfortable while also making sure we have a bulwark against the future and its troubles. That balancing act is why I worry. I am much more pessimistic about our financial future than my husband or, really, anyone else. I plan for the worst and, if that doesn’t happen, hey, we have a little extra money in savings. Not the worst thing in the world. Honestly, if I didn’t worry about money, I’d find something else not nearly as important to worry about. At least this is something I might actually be able to do something about.

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1 Response to Why I worry

  1. youmeanme says:

    Goodness, you sound like me! I’m trying to balance my worrying with realism so I don’t get ridiculously worked up. ML had complained at one point that I made him feel like we weren’t making enough and couldn’t afford anything. That’s when I turned down my worrying a smidge but I’m like you. If I don’t worry bad things could happen ;).

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