As in, I actually have some again! Yay! I have been doing some Christmas shopping and paying down the credit card this month so savings has been in short supply. I finally managed some again though. My husband has been working some overtime, so we should have more soon, and he’s going to keep working overtime so that we can pay for the kids’ tuition. I should have enough to stay a month ahead of the tuition charges. As for my beginning savings, it’s not much, but it’s something, and that feels good.

I’ve discovered that savings is good for the nerves. I always feel a little safer and more relaxed when we have some savings in the bank. Even $500 or $1000 is enough to really let me sleep better at night. It may take me some time to build that much back up, but it will sure feel good to have it.

I have been pretty cavalier with money lately, buying Christmas presents and the like, but I wanted to do it before we had to tighten our belts, and get the bulk of it out of the way. This will not be a huge Christmas as in years past, but it will be a decent one. The expensive gifts are taken care of already, and all I have left are things that I can buy out of our regularly budgeted amount without causing any further pinching. Now I can focus on savings and we’ll still be ahead of the payments.

My husband’s philosophy is, “There’s always more money.” While I don’t necessarily agree with being quite that devil may care (I know that will come out the other side of this time a little more in debt than we started), I now know how to get out of debt without killing us with overly stringent budgets. We’ll have some time before we want to move to rebuild some savings as well. A small amount of debt won’t kill us when it’s time to move, but I’d like to have something put away against closing costs and such. While we may get tight now and again, it’s only two weeks between paychecks and we can survive without spending much for two weeks.

Everyone is in a different place and I’m grateful to be where I am with the advantages I have. We have enough money to cover our needs, many of our wants, and still have some to put into savings sometimes. While things may get skinny for us in the coming months, it won’t be nearly as bad as it could be and, it won’t last too long. We’ll only have a few months of skinny (hopefully), then I’ll get a job and we’ll be OK again. This assumes that I pass all my classes and graduate on time. Not a guarantee. But, we’ll cross that bridge when we come to it; for now, I have hope.

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