A decade

Today we celebrate Older Boy’s birthday with the family. He got his presents from us yesterday, but his party had to wait until today. He got yesterday off from school, got his official military ID, went out to lunch with his father, and got his presents. A pretty good birthday. He is now a decade old. I remember being super excited about my 10th birthday because ‘a decade’ sounded so much better than just 10. It sounded older somehow. He was not really into it until the day before. When he saw the card my parents had sent sitting there on the counter, taunting him, and wasn’t allowed to open it until his actual birthday, that’s when he started really getting excited. We are not doing a big party, not from any lack of desire, simply from lack of planning. So, it’ll be a small party with just the family there, as it had been in years past. He will have fun though, his older cousins will be there and both boys adore them. They like the boys, too. It works out well.

It should be a good day.

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