I’ve been talking a lot about my birthday. I do apologize. It’s a hard one for me though. It’s dumb because there’s nothing I can do about it. Intellectually I know that it’s fine, but emotionally is taking some time to catch up. Ah, well.

ANYWAY… I am back to using regular shampoo because I dyed my hair several times recently. It is damaged and I don’t want to strip the color from it by using abrasive baking soda. So, we’re back to color saving shampoo and repairing conditioner. I liked the baking soda and it was working quite well, but I’m not sure how it would do with heavily, repeatedly dyed hair. And, after all the damage I’ve done to it to get it this color, I’m not willing to take the chance of stripping it. I dyed it 6 times in a week including bleaching it twice and dying it 4 times. I know. But, my hair is strong; it’s not breaking off or anything. It’s just damaged. So, lots of conditioner.

I’m still using my homemade deodorant though. I love that stuff! The adjusted formula is amazing and will last through the day without irritation.

I have been splurging and shopping recently. Most of it has been with my personal allowance though, and that’s why we instituted it. I feel like I’ve been shopping nonstop for a couple of weeks though, what with Christmas and birthday gifts. Older Boy’s birthday is covered, and about half of my Christmas shopping is done though. Not too bad. We may even be able to put some in savings this month!

We’re working towards having enough to pay for the kids’ tuition as well as mine in a couple of months. I’m going to be cutting back on and spacing out the rest of my Christmas shopping. The boys are getting a few large presents this year and that’s it. There won’t be a ton of presents around the tree, but they’ll like what they are getting. I already have those presents so the biggest expenses are out of the way.

Besides that, I will be taking only a part of my regular allowance and putting the rest in savings. We had a little invested in the stock market, I have liquidated that and it will be going in savings as well. We are still putting away our retirement money, and are still contributing (minimally) to the kids’ college funds. Everything else is going toward tuitions. It’s time to get our frugal on again.

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