I am officially done with pediatrics. I can safely say that it’s not a field I will be going into, and that’s probably best for all of us. Yikes. Kindly, my father has given me permission to pass with a wider margin this next class. Instead of failing up until the final day, he has given me permission to pass this one. Isn’t that generous of him? I must say, I’m going to try to take him up on it.

Got some good news the other day: my piece of the nursing school tuition is going to be less than I thought. Until Thursday I had thought that I’d have to take out a student loan to finance my last couple of classes (this is a for-profit college so the tuition is exorbitant). Turns out I’m not going to have to. Also, I had forgotten that my husband has the option of working overtime. We will be able to pay the kids’ tuition while I’m out of school and not working yet after all. He’ll pick up a few hours during the week and work Saturdays, and he should make just enough to cover it. If we do need to put any on the credit card, it will not be much. That’s exciting.

Once I get a job, that first paycheck is going to feel so nice! It will mean that Husband doesn’t have to work weekends anymore; it will mean I can pay for the kids’ tuition out of my paychecks. So much is iffy though. I first have to pass my last 3 classes, and take an NCLEX practice test to graduate. If I don’t pass that test, I have 3 weeks of review and then have to apply to take it again. Then I have to pass the NCLEX (the state licensing test), hopefully on the first try, and then find a job. Yikes! It’s getting so close though.

Anyway, I had my last clinical for the class yesterday and it was fun. I’m looking forward to my next class which starts Tuesday. I shall persevere!

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