I passed!

Thanks to much studying and not a little cramming, I passed my class. By the skin of my teeth, but I passed. This is very good news for me, it means now I go on to one of the last 3 classes I have before I am done with nursing school. Things aren’t getting any easier, but if I can pull this off, I can pull off the rest (hopefully).

Dear Husband did all of the housework for the week because I was studying and stressing. Much laundry was done. He even folded it! Wonderful man. I haven’t been too focused on saving money because I’ve been too busy to spend any. We’re pretty flat for the rest of the week, but we get paid Thursday night, so we’re good. All I have to do is resist the urge to spend anything tomorrow and we’re golden. Even I can do that.

Now I get to focus more on the house and the finances again. This class kicked my butt and became pretty all-consuming. I have a week until the new class starts and I should be able to finally get some things done. Yay!

Anyway, Just wanted to check in and let you all know that I’m still alive after all that and that I passed!

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