Shopping for the big one

Long day of clinical and studying ahead.

My birthday is coming up, (as I may have mentioned once or twice) and I’ve told my husband that I want to go out to an expensive restaurant in the area for my birthday dinner. They have an entire section of the menu that is vegan! We went there recently for a date and it was certainly expensive, but I got two dinners out of the entree. It was delicious, both times.

This month has been about Christmas shopping. Our budget has been disrupted, but we are afloat and going to stay that way. I have the kids taken care of, my niece, and my father-in-law. We are, admittedly a little snug this week, but it’s worth it to have gotten so much out of the way already. I already know what I’m going to be getting just about everyone else, so it’s just a matter of spreading that out over the next few months. I had the chance to get the kids’ gifts on sale though, and it’s stuff that doesn’t go on sale often. I’d rather not wait until December and chance not being able to get them. The chance of Black Friday sales isn’t enough to lure me into trying to get the deals that day (or Thanksgiving night as it is now). I like the security of having it already done, that way I can shop Black Friday or not, as I choose.

It drives my mother-in-law crazy that I ask for the same thing every year – a bookstore gift card. She doesn’t feel like it’s enough. I am always happy as a clam to get it though. It feeds my addiction.  🙂  My parents and I get each other the same things every year as well. We’ve come to depend on them. I still surprise my sister with odd little goodies, but my parents get the same calendar and gift cards every year. It’s easy and I know they’ll use them.

Christmas is such a fun time and I love being able to relax and not stress over it. I am actually starting a bit late this year. That’s OK though, I’m getting it done. How about you, have you started yet?

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