Healthy Living Bundle – trying new things

Well, I’m almost, but not quite, passing my class right now. Ugh. I’d hate to fail so far into the program, but it’s a distinct possibility at this point. This stinks.

I’m trying new products thanks to that Healthy Living Bundle. It’s no longer on sale, but they sell it for a few days every year and there are other bundles as well that will be going on sale at different times.

ePantry delivers natural home, baby, and beauty products to your door. They carbon offset each shipment and donate enough to save 25 square feet of rainforest with each order. It’s brands like Method, Seventh Generation, Yes To and the like, and they have a pricing guarantee that if you see the product cheaper elsewhere, they’ll match the price. I’m all for natural products, so I’m trying the dishwasher packs from Method, I’m getting a Mrs. Meyer’s hand soap for free as part of my bundle, some walnut sponges, Tom’s of Maine toothpaste, and a kid’s toothbrush. We’ll see how it goes, I may order different things next time.

Plant Therapy sent me lavender, peppermint, and lemon essential oils. I’m a fan of all three scents, so I expect I’ll like them. I really am not enough of a connoisseur to know if they’re superior to other brands or not.

Bloom Naturals sent a spot corrector for acne. Since I have adult acne and it totally blows, I will definitely be trying this one. I’ll let you know if it helps.

Lexi:Naturals sent a skin care set. Trial sizes of their natural deodorant, lotion stick, and lip balm. I tried the deodorant today. It’s very strongly scented but it seems to be holding up. I haven’t done anything especially active today, so I’ll keep using it and work out (one of these days) and let you know how it does. I don’t think it’d become a normal part of my routine because of how strongly scented it is though. My homemade deodorant has the same scents in it (tea tree and lavender), and it’s not nearly as strong. It holds up well, and with the formulation that I linked to, I haven’t had a reaction. I have used less than a quarter of the container (a small square – snack size – Rubbermaid container) and it’s been just over a month. I have enough in there to last me at least 6 – 8 months, and I made it for pennies. I already had the coconut oil in the house for cooking.

Perfect Supplements gave me a $15 credit toward any of their products. Well, the only product that interested was the coconut oil, so I got that. Their line is herbal supplements. Desiccated liver for iron, green coffee capsules, aquatic greens powder, that sort of thing. While I don’t think it’s bad stuff, none of it spoke to me really as something I needed. I”m not generally an herbal supplements kind of girl. I’ll do some research and maybe I’ll get back to some of their stuff.

I got $15 to Strawsome as well. IT was enough for one fancy straw (they’re about $12.95) This is one that I really like. They make glass straws. I was a little afraid at first because, after all, it’s glass, but it’s super strong and the one I got is pretty. They have different designs available, different colors, and will even do custom. It fits my big, covered water cup perfectly. They sell short (for kids), regular, and long, in straight and bent styles. I got it in the mail yesterday and it’s lovely. My water tastes good through it as well, and it makes the most pleasant tinkling sound against the ice. They are a little expensive, but if, like me, you have a favorite cup that uses a straw, this is a neat thing to invest in to assure that you never lose the straw. They are even dishwasher safe!

Tri-Light Health. Huh. This one I haven’t done yet. It’s liquid herbal remedies. Considering the science on a lot of these things is lacking, I don’t want to put herbs in my body that might interact badly with my necessary medicines. I know that some herbal supplements can have serious interactions with some medications, and I also know that not all supplements have been tested with all medicines (obviously). The nature of my medication is such that I REALLY don’t want anything to mess it up. So, I’m taking a pass on these.

Once A Month Meals we’ve already discussed. I like the vegan meal option and I have successfully done my first cooking day. I may print out more menus before my month trial is up. I tried the burritos last night and they were fine. Not great, but not bad either. Middling. But, it’s my first stab at them, and now that I know it can be done this way, I’ll definitely play with the recipe and make them again. I haven’t tried any of the other recipes yet, but I’ll be looking closely at what else is on offer. I may keep it for a month or  two more just to see what’s available. I can’t see paying money for recipes longer than that though. Too many recipes are all over the internet for free. I like that they organize everything for you but, with a little effort, I can do that myself. It’s neat to try, but I won’t be keeping it too long.

And, last but not least, the free Craftsy class. You pick from a list and I haven’t done so yet, but I’ve heard nothing but good things about Craftsy. However, be warned, the classes are expensive. The only reason I’m going to take one is because it’s free. It is going to have to REALLY impress me if I am ever to actually buy one.

There are other e-courses available to me through this bundle and I will be looking at them. One purports to show the science behind essential oils, I’ll be paying close attention to that one. There are fitness and homesteading and baby and all kinds of things available and I haven’t even looked at the books yet. I’m pleased with the amount of things I got for my $30 investment. Go to the page and sign up for notification of when the other bundles come out if you see one you’re interested in.

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