Embarrassing and, oh yeah, vegan

Well, I made a big mistake. I was so excited to use my new Once a Month Meals toy that I didn’t think things through properly. I started with the vegan menu and got through it alright in just about 3 hours for 4 recipes (no prep done beforehand). I did dishes because I do not have an inexhaustible supply of bowls and measuring spoons, and started to look at the recipes for the whole foods menu for the boys. Here’s where I did it… I bought all the ingredients just fine but it didn’t occur to me that I would actually have to handle the meat. Gross! The main portion is chicken breasts, too. Slimy. So, I have recipes and ingredients all set up for my husband to make during the week. Oh well. He’ll make them throughout the week and freeze the leftovers. It works.

I remember that meat can taste quite good. I didn’t just all of the sudden lose my taste buds when I went vegan. However, my perspective changed quite a bit. Now, instead of seeing a brown, juicy steak,

I see a piece of a sentient being that’s been chopped off and is about to be eaten for pleasure. Not nearly as appetizing. This explains why I can’t just suck it up and make the darned meals for Husband; actually handling dead flesh that’s going to be cooked and eaten is just gross. I had qualms about even buying it, but I sucked those up because my family still eats meat. There is a line I will no longer cross though, and that’s actually being a party to preparing flesh for consumption. I just can’t do it. Thankfully, Husband understands though and just laughed at my horrified face when I realized my error and said, “Well, you’ve got meat thawed for the week for me. Thanks!” And that. folks, is why I love him.

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