Christmas and OAMM beginnings

Older Boy is testing for his advanced yellow belt in karate today. We’re very excited for him. Younger Boy isn’t quite ready yet.

I now have Christmas for the boys taken care of. One big present for each of them, and one big joint present. And that’s about all they’re getting this year. It’s enough. I have my father-in-law taken care of as well. Cool! I’m getting there. I went yesterday and bought holders for the candles that I’m going to make for everyone for Christmas – now I have something to pour the wax into. Yay!

I used the Once a Month Meals website and created two menus for this month. Since each menu is meant to be served twice, and each only has about 4 – 6 dinners on it, I went ahead and customized a vegan menu and a meat-eater’s menu. That should take us through the month. Older Boy and I went shopping yesterday, “For over an hour!” Little does he know that I’ve done 3 hour shopping trips when I was stocking up or visiting several stores. This was nothing, we were organized as hell. The shopping lists really did help quite a bit, the were organized alphabetically and by store section. As we went through the store, I just had Boy flip to the right section and start reading things off. There was some back-and-forthing between aisles, but overall, it was pretty organized.

Today was supposed to be chopping day (and it may yet be), but we went to karate and the testing ended up taking 2 1/2 hours because there were so many kids. After that we went to eat, and after that we came home and I slipped into a food coma for a couple of hours. I’ll be up late enough tonight to be able to do all the prep for cooking day tomorrow.

I’m feeling much better now after my nap and am raring to go, so I’ll talk to you later, I’m going to go prep for Cooking Day.

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