The Ultimate Healthy Living Bundle 2015

After my nap yesterday I felt better so I went ahead and did my workout. I always feel better after I do it, it’s just getting up the motivation to do it that eludes me. I’m working on it though.

So, today is payday. I’m going to make up a list and tomorrow we are leaving Little Brother at home, and Oldest Boy and I are going grocery shopping. I bought a book archive (a huge set of books and e-courses) called the Ultimate Healthy Living Bundle 2015. It came with deals on several products (free, but you pay for shipping which, after all is said and done, if you do all of the offers, can run another $30 or so) and one of them was free membership to the Once A Month cooking website for a month. It’s pretty awesome. You can customize menus and it will give you a grocery list, prep instructions, cooking day instructions, recipe cards to keep, labels for your freezer bags, and thaw instructions. Now, yes, I could do this on my own. There are books out there for once a month or bulk cooking (Don’t Worry, Dinner’s in the Freezer is a favorite), but this is just too easy! I may go into the archives and print out sheets for the next several months. We’ll see how this works and if it’s worth $16 a month. If it saves me at least that much in grocery costs, it may actually be worth it. I know I’m getting sick of rice or pasta for dinner because it’s quick and we have it on hand.

We have always struggled with what to do for dinner. The kids are picky and only eat a few things, my husband and I don’t eat the same foods anymore, and now he can’t eat what was a staple of his diet – dairy. The OAMM website has different menus based on different eating plans (traditional, quick, vegetarian, Paleo, Allergy plans, baby, gluten/dairy free, whole foods, and diet) and, with the pro service, you can swap out meals until you get a custom menu for your family with all of the shopping and prep lists that you need to make things go smoothly.

I know this sounds like a plug for the site, but it’s not. I think it’s a neat service, but it remains to be seen if it’s worth the money. As it stands, I got the first month’s membership for free with the bundle I bought. I am still exploring all that came with the bundle – a free Craftsy class (cool website with classes on how to do any number of crafts), membership to several websites, and access to several e-courses. I haven’t even started on the books yet!

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