Chores and fitness

Took the day off school. I’m not feeling tops and I really just couldn’t face it. I got dressed for school, dropped the kids off, and came right back home and went back to bed. Some days are like that.

The mountain of laundry is folded – the younger boy helped. Strangely, the older boy didn’t protest having to do the dishes yesterday. I think it’s because the younger had more chores than usual to do so Older Boy didn’t feel it was quite so lopsided.  I also had music playing the whole time we were all doing chores; that always helps me feel like it’s going faster. Whatever the reason, it was nice.

I ordered a fitness tracker from Amazon several days ago and it arrived yesterday. Squee! It’s bulky, but I love it already. It tells heart rate, steps taken, calories burned, and the time. You can set it for workout mode and it will tell you the duration of your workout, the calories burned and your heart rates, highest and average. I also got a new scale that tells weight in 0.2 lb increments instead of 0.5 lb increments. That was hard because the old scale still works just fine and is accurate, but I’m trying to lose weight and I wanted something more precise. 0.6 pounds  is not the same as a the next higher pound when you’re trying to keep track for weight loss. So, here we go. It’s for real now and I have no more excuses. The tracker was expensive (I got one of the better models), and I have paid a lot of money to get the fitness DVDs, the tracker, and the new scale, but it’s much less expensive than a year of family gym membership. I paid that last year for a membership that we never used. This stuff was a birthday present to myself, I’m turning 40 at the end of the month and I figured, what better way to celebrate 40 than by finally getting back into shape?

I know that half the country is on a diet of some kind. I have lost about 6 1/2 pounds since going full vegan a month ago, and that’s without working out. Now that I’m starting to work out, I expect that number to go up. Exciting! It’s a start at least.

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