Chugging along

So my life is small again. I grocery shop on a budget – a rather generous one for 4 people, but a budget nonetheless. I turn off lights and turn off power strips. I keep the thermostat up in the summer and down in the winter. I’ve stopped buying big things. We are using what we have and eating at home. The kids are back in school so that routine is up and running again. Not much else is happening. I have been reading novels and such so I haven’t had anything to review here. I’m headed back into the nonfiction though soon.

I am finding myself in need of organization. We have things piled higgldey-piggldey throughout the house. We are bulging at the seams with junk. I need to figure out how to organize it so that it’s not as cluttered looking around here. Plastic tubs are my friend. Really we need to go through and do a large purge of junk around the house and then organize. I can start today by organizing my pantry so that we know what we have for food around here. It’s not actually visible because it’s behind doors, but it will make me feel better.

Sorry I’m not more interesting these days, I am just chugging along, doing not much. I made laundry detergent yesterday. I’m going to make candles with glorious scents soon. I’m finally watching the BBC Sherlock shows (they’re amazing!). I’m keeping up with laundry and we’re making one son do the dishes while the other is in charge of keeping the living room and their room clean. Hooray for having kids old enough to do chores! I’m trying to get into doing my yoga but, as with any new habit, it’s difficult to get started. Right now it’s hit and miss. Mostly miss. I’ll get there though, I’m optimistic.

My garden is a loss for the season. I’ve gotten many tomatoes, but everything is now so overgrown that I can’t even see anything but a patch of red here and there. We’re going to dismantle it and grass over the patch where it stood. I think I mentioned that we had gotten rid of our little free-standing deck and we’re working on the paving stones right now. We’re getting rid of all of it and seeding it for grass next year. OK weeds (they grow better in our yard), but they’ll be green and cut short enough that it’ll be hard to tell it’s not actually grass.

I’ll try and come up with something interesting soon, but, until then, I’ll be chugging along.

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