Not much except money

Words fail me these days. There isn’t much new going on. School started for the boys, my husband is taking on a new class as an instructor, I’m chugging along in my classes. No Earth shattering new frugalities. We’ve agreed to move next summer and I am happily, busily looking at prospective school districts and neighborhoods. We are slowly getting this house fixed back up as well. Slowly.

I ran out of bought laundry soap, so it’s time to make the homemade stuff again. I realized after I ran out of homemade last time that I still had a full bottle of eco-friendly stuff so I used that up. I also got the block of soy wax to make candles for Christmas. Yay! I’ve never done it before, so it should be interesting.

I paid the kids’ tuition today. Ouch! But, thankfully we are frugal enough that we can still afford it. It’s going to hurt when my school stipend runs out and we have to start putting it on the credit card. We had just gotten out from under our debt and made some necessary improvements on the house (all the plywood under our roof was rotted out and the shingles were starting to come up) but hadn’t started saving a real emergency fund yet when we ran into things that needed to be done and we had to start building up some debt again. UGH! And it’s only going to get worse. There will be a period of about 6 months, between my stipend running out and me (hopefully) getting a job, where we’ll have to pay the kids’ and my tuition out of pocket. Or in this case, building up debt. But, we’ll manage and we’ll get it paid down quickly again. This time I know how to do it properly.

You get one step ahead and move two back. But, I will get us ahead and stay ahead one of these days! Of that I am sure. Soon I’ll be done with school (for now), have a job (hopefully), and we can start settling in and figuring things out. I’m looking forward to it.

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