School and growing too fast

Bleaching my hair didn’t work so well the other day so I immediately dyed it red. Red is my go-to color. I’m pleased with how it turned out.

This was the kids’ first week of school. Getting to know new teachers is going to take time, but they’ve done OK so far. Many of my older son’s friends have moved or switched schools this year, so he’s spending a lot of time Skype’ing them. What a neat invention that is.

I managed to stay under my grocery budget by enough that I think we’ll be under this whole pay period. Usually there’s a second, smaller shopping trip to do later, but I should still come out OK. That’s encouraging. I’ve been spending again lately. Small stuff mostly. I went a little crazy after school supply shopping. It’s time to rein that in now. My mother-in-law bought some fall clothes for the kids and I will fill in at the thrift store. The boys are growing like weeds; I bought what I thought were the next size up pants for my older boy and they ended up fitting him perfectly. Good grief!

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6 Responses to School and growing too fast

  1. polianthus says:

    love your blog – was taking an online course in data visualisation – have you checked out coursera, you can take all the courses for free, might be interesting for you, there are loads of others of course. I came across this site: – I played it a couple of times, was really interesting – although if I had to cook within a budget I’d chose loads of pulses, drop the meat, and get fresh veg from farmers markets etc. or else shop in bulk with a neighbour, all options that were not given – congrats on your grocery budget, not easy at all with growing kids I imagine

    • Thank you! I had heard of Coursera but I haven’t checked it out yet. I will have to look at it finally. I just played Spent. Yikes! I made it but I had to make some really tough decisions. Good lesson.

      • polianthus says:

        Impressive game isn’t it? I made it too, but there was the ominous bit at the end where it says – your rent is now due….it was a good lesson in seeing the tough choices, although I think I would be picking different food choices if I was really spent – lentils, and chickpeas and green dried peas and such like and little meat to balance the budget – actually playing spent made me rethink my shopping cart choices too – a good game I think regardless of situation anyone should play – another really interesting site is this one, also shows you a lot about the country you live in – another one everyone should try

      • I tried to get to the site, but it was blocked by my security program. I know what you mean about the other though, I made healthier choices than I might have otherwise when I knew my income was so limited – lots of beans. It really was an eye opener though. Thanks for recommending it!

      • polianthus says:

        Have you tried white beans yet ? I just soaked some – 200g grams swells up enough to feed millions of people, well almost and apparently you can make really nice burgers with them, I will keep you posted

  2. Please do keep me posted, I’m always looking for veggie burger recipes!

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