Homes, present and future

I can’t even begin to tell you how excited I am about moving. In case you hadn’t noticed. I love this house, don’t get me wrong, and it has served us well for the last 10 years, but I was used to moving every few years when I was growing up, and even into my young adulthood. I am excited to get to a better (safer) neighborhood with great schools. The place we are looking is near where we lived when we moved back to Virginia from New York (shore duty for the Navy up there). We loved the area and dreamed of living there one day but didn’t think we could ever afford it. Fast forward 10 years and, once we get the tuition payments finished for this year, we may be able to do it after all. I’d love the be the poorest house in a good neighborhood rather than the nicest house in a bad one. OK, not bad, just not as safe or as good as we want.

I know it’s still a year away, but I emailed a friend who is also a real estate agent and asked her how much she thought we could afford and told her where I want to look. I know it’s a bit early, but I want to keep an eye out. The homes there are expensive and, if we can find a foreclosure or one that’s slightly less expensive, I want to be able to jump on it. Oh my. I am obsessed with this now. Sorry.

In other news, we are having to fix the new fence that my husband put in just a few weeks ago. The our neighbor’s dogs really want to get into our yard to play with our dog. They’ve already pulled out the bottoms of a few slats. Off to the hardware store to get more screws and my husband will fix it using leftover fencing. It never ends.

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