Money and home

We let our warehouse club membership lapse. My mother-in-law is still a member and we’re just going to ask her to pick stuff up for us on her trips every couple of months. We didn’t use the membership at all for the last 4 months, it’s just not worth it to renew it. I’m going to cancel our membership to the YMCA as well. We’re not using it now that summer camp is over so there’s no reason to keep it. I did the math and we actually saved more money by becoming members for the summer and paying the reduced summer camp rate for members. Now it’s time to cancel though.

Our latest project is taking up the deck and paving stones in the backyard and just covering it all over with grass. Easier to take care of and it will look nicer than the weeds growing up between the stones and around the benches. If we seed it now, it should be grown in by the time we want to sell. As far as the interior, we’re still putting that off. We have all of the major things that we need for the bathroom renovation, so it won’t be too expensive to get it finished; I just need to convince my husband to go spend an afternoon up there determining where he left off. I can do the plumbing on the sink and put up most of the walls but I’m going to need his help to get the ceiling up (I’m only 5′ 2″). He has this mental block that’s been preventing him from wanting to finish it. I think going from one renovation directly into another one wore him down and now he can’t even stand the thought of going back to it. One thing is clear – our next house better not have more than cosmetic work necessary. He’ll help me paint and get things moved in, but anything more than that and he may balk.

Between ibotta (the rebate app) and Swagbucks (the survey site), I have earned $60 in the last month. Not bad for wasting time and shopping like I normally do. ibotta will transfer money directly into your PayPal account and with Swagbucks you have the option as well. I set up a unique email account for Swagbucks just in case I started getting spammed (which I haven’t) so I can’t transfer money into my PayPal account (the email isn’t the same). That’s OK though because I get Amazon gift cards instead. The first $25 gift card that you get every month is discounted, so I got one $25 card a couple of days ago and will get another one after the 1st, thereby saving 600 swagbucks – enough for another $5 card. I’m making a little money on the side and that’s pretty cool. It’s not a ton, but it helps.

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