Oh my, I did it again

It’s been a few days, sorry. Not much going on on the frugal front. School is starting again and with it the school supplies lists and tuition payments. Ugh. But, that’s what we do to give our kids the best education we can. We’re moving next year to a much better school district, so we won’t have tuition payments anymore. Moving is always stressful on kids though. Skype will help.

Hubby and I had a rare date night night before last. It was wonderful. We went out to eat then came home and watched a movie. The restaurant was lovely and had vegan options but was quite expensive. We decided that it was worth it since we don’t do it very often. Rationalization, but the experience was worth it.

I’m bleaching my hair as I write. I’m a strange one and generally go dark in the summer and lighter in the winter. No real reason, that’s just how it has always worked out. I feel like the lighter is more cheerful and winter is when I need that I guess. We’ll see how it turns out.

I have started pediatrics in school and the kids got to come in with me Friday for kids day. They had a blast and we students got to do screenings and assessments of them. It was fun and my kids behaved themselves. Can’t ask for better than that. The test I took Thursday didn’t go as well. What a way to start the class. My only comfort is that almost no one else passed either. It wasn’t just me.

Ah well, that’ my little catch up post. More actual green and frugal later.

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