Back again

Sorry about that, there was a flurry of activity with clinicals, 2 big tests yesterday and the final today. I am done with OB as far as I know (there are still grades pending).

My garden has become a jungle with weeds everywhere. I’m having to almost climb in to find my little tomatoes. That’s OK though. I didn’t really tend it this year, what with school being difficult and all, so I don’t expect it to be too nice. Tomatoes won’t die though, no matter what you do. They’re a bit like zucchini in that respect.

I’m caught up with laundry finally. I have a load in the washer and I think I’ll finally be able to hang that one. Yay! I’m having fun reading about frugality and will be starting on my social entrepreneurship books after this one.

I did all of the back to school shopping in one big trip. UGH! You’d think, with as much as we’re paying for this school, they could afford supplies! That’s a common refrain though and has been for the last 4 years. I did all my school shopping online through the Swagbucks website link, got free shipping because I ordered enough, and earned points for every dollar I spent. It’s all coming straight to the house, this week. Poor delivery-person who has to lug it all! But, I got what I needed, earned points, and now have enough for a $25 gift card (to pretty much anywhere) for no more than 30 minutes to an hour a day doing surveys, watching ads, and buying things that I needed anyway. Not terrible. This is my new toy.  🙂

Anyway…I’m going to use the next few days off to write some more for my book, blog, and read. It’s going to be glorious. Then it’s on to pediatric nursing. Kids are cool, but we’ll see how it is when you’re dealing with sick ones all day. Poor things, I know it’ll be hard for everyone. This may be the more difficult class for me. The mommy in me might come out and I’ll want to fix everyone. IT’ll be hard to see sick kiddos all day. We’ll just have to wait and see. I adored maternal-newborn nursing though. It was amazingly awesome.

That’s it for now, I’ll get back into the groove of writing this week and we’ll talk more tomorrow.  Bye!

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