I just started with this site several weeks ago and have earned 400 swagbucks so far. It’s a bit time consuming but, for watching short videos, buying things through their links (some things at Amazon, Walmart, JC Penney, and Barnes & Noble, among others), and answering surveys, you can rack up points towards gift cards. Every 100 points is $1 and you must have 300 points in order to redeem. Right now I have enough for a $3 gift card. You can get a PayPal gift card, an Amazon gift card, cards to any of dozens of retailers (Sam’s Club, ebay, the Playstation store, Whole Foods, and my favorite, Target as well as many others), or spend it on charity (feed a puppy, buy a malaria bed net, buy carbon offsets, donate to Doctors Without Borders, or other charities). You can even get a Visa gift card and spend the money anywhere you want.

The only downside that I can see is that you have to give them quite a bit of information about yourself. However, given the fact that stores, Facebook, Twitter, traffic cameras, and any number of other outlets are collecting information on us every day, what’s one more? I set up an email account specifically for Swagbucks and its offers and such. So far I haven’t gotten any spam, only emails for things that I’ve signed up for. I have checked my credit report and my bank accounts and there has been no suspicious activity at all. It’s a pretty popular site actually and has been around for several years.

Just thought I’d mention it in case anyone was looking to waste some time and earn some money while doing it.

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