I’m feeling philosophical today and have written 4 different posts so far and trashed all of them. This isn’t the place for meditating on the great cosmic lottery or how different my life has turned out from what I thought it would be when I was young.

Instead lets talk about laundry and how much we all dislike it. It just keeps piling up and never ends.

Neverending story

(Probably many of you are too young to have watched that movie, but it was cheesy and great when you were 10.)

I keep saying I’m going to start hanging my laundry once I get caught up. I then get caught up for a day and find that the boys have squirreled away a huge pile between their dressers. Or we go away for a day and somehow come home with 2 loads of laundry. It’s ridiculous. The hamper is always full and I’m always a load behind. At least. Well, I’m going to get caught up today and hang the last load I do. There should only be two today. I’ll do my best to stay caught up this week and maybe next weekend I won’t be quite so far behind.

We wash all of our clothes in cold water. I hope you do as well. Detergents have come so far in the last decade that they no longer need warm water to activate or dissolve. Cold water gets clothes just as clean. The only reason to wash in hot is if you are infested with bedbugs or lice or something of that nature that needs the hot water to kill it. Every other load can be done in cold. It saves about 75% of the cost of a load of laundry.

If you wash in cold and then hang it to dry, you can save big on your power bill. Folding is easier as well when you hang. You make sure everything is right side out when you hang it and you can fold it as you get it down. It doesn’t seem like as much when it’s hung up as when it’s in a pile in a laundry basket. Hang in the morning and fold at night usually. (we hang our clothes inside on a garment rack and hangars, if you hang outdoors it’ll be even quicker on a sunny day)

Really the only reason I hate laundry is because I always seem to be behind on it. If I did a better job washing during the week, I wouldn’t get as far behind on the weekends. I need to get back into a groove.

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