Gifts are budget busters

I love Pinterest and Amazon. I can shop from the comfort of my own home (in my jammies) and, using her Pinterest board, be sure to get my sister something she loves for her birthday. Ah, the wonders of technology. And I do love sending her things.

I find it difficult to be thrifty with gifts to family. I love finding things that they’ll love and darn the price. I always go overboard. Thankfully, not into debt these last few years, but I start shopping early and keep shopping until Christmas. It’s my sister’s birthday and I already bought her a gift, but I found something else that she’ll like so I bought it, too. Ugh. I am horrible at this. I used my allowance at least, so the family isn’t on the hook for my extravagance. Ah, well. She’ll love it.

Yeah, gift giving is hard on me. I keep seeing things I just know they’ll love and want to get them for the person. What I really need to do is set a drop dead date, after which there will be no more shopping. And, a drop dead budget number. I can allow myself so much each month and am not allowed to go over that amount. After all, there will always be another sale and another thing they’ll love. I don’t have to get it all. Right?

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