Windows, doors, and walls

I’m all for free stuff and, getting a Windows product for free is pretty cool, but I’m on the fence about whether to install Windows 10 or not. We had Windows 8 and actually went out and bought Windows 7 because we hated 8 so much. So, I have it if 10 doesn’t work out, but I’m still wary. They didn’t get rid of the Windows 8 tiles. I really like 7 and am happy with it. The notification that 10 is ready is just sitting there on my desktop status bar, taunting me. I guess I’ll make the decision later because it’s just too much for me right now. Too much uncertainty.

We’ve decided that we are going to stay in this house until the older boy ages out of Montessori instead of moving a year earlier. That gives me time to save for closing and get the rest of the house fixed up. Every interior door in the house needs replacing, the bathroom upstairs needs to be finished, and the walls all need to be painted white again. We have 2 years to get it all done though. No problem.

I have been fully vegan for several days now and I’m not doing terribly. It’s a little strange and I’m struggling to come up with things that are really quick to eat other than salad and pasta and frozen black bean burgers, but I know that’s a temporary problem. I’ll get my repertoire expended soon enough. I feel better for it though.

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