Books (mine and others’)

I got an Amazon gift card from my parents recently and I just spent it. Social entrepreneurship and how to start a small business books. I probably am not going to do it (at least not yet), but I’m quite interested in it all right now after Start Something That Matters. I haven’t figured out where my passion lies yet. And I still need to finish writing my book. See, this is what happens to me, I have so many ideas and interests that I end up skipping all over the place. That’s OK though. I generally come back around to all of them at one point or another and I’ll be ready when I do.

For now, I’ll focus on writing my book and the blog. I can do that in little sips of time between homework and family time. I’ll read the books I got and be inspired but I won’t focus on that until I have more time. I can always read the books again!

As far as thrifty and green things go, I am coming up with some new ideas. For example, a little research has turned up that amusement parks and even national parks have free days occasionally. Colonial Williamsburg, right here by me, is having a locals-get-free-tickets week. National parks have free days that usually coincide with a holiday. I have rediscovered the library (again) and all that it has to offer. I am using my used bookstores (that offer trade-in credit) again. There are community education classes available for almost anything under the sun, too. Most of what I have isn’t new information, but it’s stuff that people forget about or, hopefully, haven’t thought of. I want to make it accessible and a resource for people who are a little farther along the thrift trail than just cutting out a latte or two each week. I want it to be methodical as well, organized. We’ll see how this goes. It’s an exciting project however it comes out.

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