Magazines and weight loss and PETA’s response

I got a deal on magazines a while back – $2.00 each for a year of 4 different magazines. So, I subscribed to a couple of women’s health magazines, a money magazine, and a weekly news magazine ($8, what was there to lose?). Well, they’re stacking up already. I had forgotten why I stopped buying women’s health magazines: they are more about what to wear and how to do your makeup for a workout than actually anything about working out. In my world, women’s health does not include makeup tips and fashion advice. Apparently I am in the minority. The money and news magazines are pretty good though, they are worth the $8 for a year. And, there are a few good articles in the women’s health magazines, you just have to search for them. (I do love that, according to one, I can get a beach body in just 6 weeks! Never mind that I am 80 pounds overweight, all it will take is 6 weeks! Or I can get “Epic Abs in 15 Minutes!”)

Supposedly, becoming vegan or vegetarian will help one lose weight. Well, I’m officially vegan (as of the day before yesterday), and I’m tracking what I eat as well. We’ll see how this goes. It’s more important that I stay vegan than that I lose weight, to me at least. As time goes on and I figure out things to eat that aren’t convenience foods (frozen “meats” and frozen black bean burgers), I might be able to eat more and lose weight still – veggies are fewer calories than frozen foods.

To me, the important thing is that I’m eating healthier than I was and much more ethically.

Oh! When I wrote my PETA rant, I sent them a strongly worded e-mail to the same effect. They wrote back and said that I shouldn’t take Ms. Newkirk’s words literally, it was just a figure of speech, she didn’t mean that she thought he should literally be hanged. They are out to get publicity by being as outrageous as possible. (It says so on their website) I think that words have power to them and that calling for a man to be hanged is going a bit beyond your typical figure of speech. The email I got back likened it to saying that someone should be drug out and shot for what they did. I don’t know about you, but I’ve never used that figure of speech either. I guess my little two cents doesn’t matter in the larger scheme of things, they’re going to keep saying things that will get them press and I will keep disapproving of their methods, and that’s that. But, I feel better having gotten it off my chest to you and to them. I’m one of those people who believes that you should mean what you say, or not say it. Calling for a hanging, figure of speech or not, is a bit much for me.

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