Lactose and stocking up

I finished Start Something That Matters while on vacation, and it was good all the way through. I highly recommend it to anyone looking to get inspired to make a change in any way.

My poor, dear husband just discovered that he may be lactose intolerant. This is a man who eats pasta salad with mayo every day for lunch, puts cheese and milk in his scrambled eggs, has an ice cream addiction, and most days has yogurt with granola for breakfast. He’s going to have to entirely change the way he eats. I’ll be right there with him; I’ll finally go full vegan and we’ll give up dairy together. I feel bad for him though, he was really at a loss as to what to eat last night. We’ll definitely have to plan meals out more and actually cook at home. We’re terrible about that.

I’m back into saving money mode. We had been getting milk, eggs, and yogurt delivered to the house for over a year. Organic and cruelty-free, it was convenient and made sense when we had the money to burn. I realized when we cancelled the yogurt order for my husband that we were paying about $10 a week more than we needed to for the convenience of getting it delivered. Ouch! So that got cancelled. I got a better rate on my phone service by calling the phone company and asking if they had a dial tone only service. They knocked $10 a month off my bill and I get to keep the service I have now.

All of that is eclipsed by the grocery shopping I’ve been doing though. I’ve spent scads of money on groceries because I have been stocking up on sale items. I’m talking 12 boxes of granola bars, 6 boxes of cereal, 10 tins of coffee, like that. In my defense, the coffee and cereal were on sale with a gift card given back if you bought so many. I bought things that we use and got money back for them. I have about $30 in store credit now. And it’s a store that I shop at all the time. Plus, I just got back from Whole Foods where I stocked up on milk alternatives (I like oat milk and it’s the only place I have found it for a reasonable price), and picked up a few mayo alternatives for my husband to test out. I don’t go to Whole Foods often because it’s so easy to spend over $100 there every time I go. Instead, I make one trip every couple of months, stock up on what I go there for, maybe a couple of new things to try out, buy a vegan cupcake, and get the heck out.

It fells like I have been spending so very much on whatever I wanted to, but it has actually been targeted spending. The only things we should have to buy for the rest of the month are fresh fruits and vegetables, and milk (which is good because I’ve almost spent our entire grocery budget already).

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