Back to it – a little later than usual

Sorry for yesterday’s rant, I just couldn’t get past that one without addressing it.


I made soap the other day, vanilla this time. I need to find a block of wax – they don’t seem to sell it at my local craft store, I’m going to have to go online to get it – because I have some fragrance oils that I bought years ago but didn’t realize aren’t OK for use on skin. I’m going to have to make candles (Christmas presents? Probably). I’ll get the boys to help and we’ll make a day of it soon. I saw soy wax for sale online the other day, that would work.

I’m starting to think about Christmas finally. I’m a little late this year. I have enjoyed giving homemade baskets to the families for the past couple of years and they have seemed to like it as well. We include a gift card for a dinner out or something like that as well as homemade foods and crafts. It’s a gift card with added value. I’m not sure what I’m going to give this year though. Candles in a variety of yummy scents, but what else? Last year I gave bath salts and jam and pickles. Maybe some breads and cookies? My younger son adores my zucchini bread, maybe some of that and a loaf of good whole grain bread. My jam making didn’t happen this year so I can’t include jam to make it breakfasty unless I buy some. Maybe homemade from the farmer’s market would be a close second. Add some coffee or cocoa and you have a breakfast basket. Huh, maybe. I have the stuff to make more soaps, I can make them in a few scents, along with the candles, a  poof, and a romantic restaurant gift card. Heart confetti would fill it out and you’d have a romantic evening basket. My niece and nephew are getting their own presents so this is just for the adults. That’s another definite possibility. I’ll need to keep brainstorming.

We’re going to be in a bit of a tight financial place this Christmas, so whatever I do it’s going to be scaled back from years past. Maybe the gift card won’t be as large and there will be more homemade things, but I can make it just as good as ever. (boy, it’s a good thing none of my husband’s family reads this blog, the Christmas surprise would be blown!)

Have you started thinking about Christmas yet? Did you start earlier than me?

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