Books and spending

I have been a very bad girl. I found some money in our check register where I’d double entered a largish amount and we promptly went out and spent it. Ugh. We went to the movies – the full price movies – and spent some of it then went and walked around the mall attached to the theater. Bad idea. That mall has a bookstore in it. My husband left my older son and me unsupervised in a bookstore. Only much spending can result, and it did. All that found money was gone in under half an hour.

I am addicted to books. It is my biggest downfall. I can do without expensive jewelry and fine clothes, but I will have my books. My older son is turning into the same sort of creature. I had to pare him down to 6 books this time. Then my mother promptly bought him the two others that he had put back. She bought the younger one the new Dr. Seuss book, too. We are about halfway through the second Harry Potter book with the younger boy, we read a few pages every night. Since he has seen the movie already he is quite excited to get to the snake. I keep telling him he’s going to have to wait a bit, but he is chomping at the bit.

Part of the problem when we went into the bookstore is that I rarely go anymore. I stick to thrift stores and places where I can trade in used books for credit mostly. Little did I know that a couple of my favorite authors had put out 3 new books since the last time I was in a real bookstore. Yeah, I got them all. This was a fiction trip. I have been reading nonfiction so much lately, but I grew up on fiction. Every once in a while I have to take a fiction break and devour a romance or thriller or something to refresh myself.

Anyway, much like my diet, my spending was a little out of control this weekend. Back to it this week and we’ll do our best. Again, I’m doing much better than formerly. We didn’t go over budget at all and I spent only the found money, no more. Yes, the money would have been netter spent on bills or savings, but we all fall off the wagon now and again.

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