Sleep and the wonders of naps

I came home early today from school. My tummy was wrong and I was really tired. My son had a tummy thing going on all weekend and he may have passed a milder version on to me. Anyway, I came home and slept for 3 HOURS! I don’t know why. I slept fine last night I thought and popped awake at 5:30 (not too early or anything), and was fine until about 10:30. I almost fell asleep in class. I decided between that and my tummy, it was time to leave.

Once I woke up (3 HOURS later!), I went and picked up my husband’s new wedding ring. It’s tungsten carbide so we’re hoping that it will stand up to his workouts and such. The gold band we got him for our wedding got so bent out of shape from being worn when weight lifting that it became oval. He had to take a pair of pliers to it to round it out again. Not to mention it’s all scratched up and dented. So, off we went and bought the new one last week. When he got home I got down on one knee and asked him if he’d marry me, again. Then I immediately got back up because I have arthritis in my knees and it was really uncomfortable, to which my darling man said, ‘I don’t know, you look pretty broke down to me…” I bet he thinks he’s funny. I slipped the ring on his finger (because I’m a sap who believes that if it’s a wedding ring, I should be the one to put it on him), and we put the old one in my jewelry box. For those keeping score, this is his 3rd ring. The plain gold band, a gold and platinum band that he wears on anniversaries and such (the fancy ring), and now this one. He doesn’t quite have as much jewelry as I do, but he’s catching up.

I feel much more like myself now after the nap and some food, so that’s nice.

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