My boy: the next great philanthropist

I don’t even know where my older son gets it, but he wants to sell everything. His toys, his pictures, his stories, his games, everything. Entrepreneurial spirit is great and all, but his sense of pricing is not. We have some of his toys saved in a bag with prices on them that we both thought were fair; someday we’ll have a  garage sale and let him preside over his own table. The thing is, he wants to donate all of the money that he does get. He got money for his lost teeth and wanted to donate it to someone who needed it more than him. He has such a good heart. My younger son is about to start getting tooth money as well. His first loose tooth is getting ready to fall out. Exciting! He’ll want to spend his money on something for his brother. When I was their age, I’m pretty sure I just wanted a steady supply of candy.

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