Money diet

We’re not on a money fast because, as a family that’s not realistic – we need to buy gasoline and fruit – but a diet. We are doing well so far actually. We have spent less than $100 this last week including milk, eggs, gasoline, and such. That doesn’t include summer camp fees, but I had those budgeted in so we’re good.

I finished the Thin Green Line last night. There wasn’t anything Earth shattering in there I felt. As I said, it was a good book, and worth a read if you are interested in the lives of the super wealthy. It’s always interesting to see how the other 1% lives. He makes a distinction between wealthy and rich that I think is important though. Rich is money. You can have all the money in the world and still not be wealthy. Wealth is having enough. However much it may be, it’s enough. It will be different for different people, but for some of the richest people in the country it is an elusive idea. His advice came down to thinking about money as a tool, not as a goal; diversifying your investments; spending on early childhood education rather than college prep; and living a balanced life. That last includes giving yourself enough money to live an enjoyable life but not so much that there’s nothing to save for later. Oh, and rich people think about charity differently. They think about maximizing the impact of their dollars rather than helping their neighbor.

My husband and I are, meanwhile, having financial talks in fits and starts. A couple of minutes here and there where nothing gets resolved but we share our opinions. It’s a start.

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2 Responses to Money diet

  1. crazycanadiansaver says:

    My hubby and I are working on getting out of debt as well and better communication is key to the success of our debt free journey. It is a work in progress but we can only move forward…

    • Congratulations on moving forward with paying off your debt! Communication is absolutely important and I’m glad my husband and I finally talked some. The conversations will continue.

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