A little research

Gallup polling reports that Americans spend $151 a week on average on food in 2012 (the last measure I could find). That’s $604 a month. Our $450 doesn’t seem so bad now. It could still be better. We eat convenience foods for breakfast and a couple of different dinners most nights to accommodate the older boy and my husband eating meat, the younger son eating chicken (almost exclusively), and me eating vegetarian (although my veggies and carbs are often their side dishes).

I know that there are many people who feed a family of 4 on much less. I know that there are people who feed a family of 4 on much more. I’m OK with that. I’m working on getting my numbers down. Food was the last spendthrift place I had. I tended to buy anything I wanted or that looked like it might be good no matter how much it cost. Lots of convenience foods and single serve packs for lunches – Lunchables and the like for the kids, and individual packs of chips for the husband and me.  We have gotten much better.

Anyway, I just thought I’d offer some perspective on the averages and where we stand.

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2 Responses to A little research

  1. Ann'Re @ Home says:

    We are a family of three and our monthly grocery bill averages around 300. While I’ve been able to get our grocery budget tweeked, eating out is a different budget challenge. Our problem is that shopping is 40-60 miles away and we generally end up eating out while we are there because it is convenient. Since we try hard to eat real food over fast food, it isn’t always budget friendly. Keep at it! 🙂

    • Thanks. You wouldn’t think that one more member of the family would equate to $100 more a month! We do grocery shopping much more often than you do I’m betting, and all of those little impulse purchases add up. I’m trying to get us back down to only once every 2 weeks, but we may need to make one in-between trip solely for produce. I’m working on more tweaks though. Eating out is a challenge for us as well. We get to do it once a pay period and even that is a budget buster sometimes!

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