Sunday’s money

Sorry I didn’t post this morning, I ended up sleeping until 9. Unheard of, but apparently I needed it.

I went grocery shopping today and got everything I could think of that we might conceivably need for the next couple of weeks. The great thing is, it wasn’t that much because we keep a well-stocked pantry. I stayed under my strict budget (which I almost never do), and we shouldn’t need to go shopping again this pay period. Yippee! And I saved $17 going to Target and using my Red Card (5% off your entire purchase) and Cartwheel (their savings app) and my own bags (5 cents each bag used). If I’d looked at their website for coupons before I went it probably would have been more. I’m a big fan of Target. (And no, they don’t pay me to say that, I just really like them.)

This is a very good thing because we are short on money. With the unexpected expenses of a loan, the vet, the new fence, and the new door and installation (it was super tricky so we didn’t attempt it), it was an expensive last pay period. Thankfully we didn’t have to resort to our overdraft protection for much, but it got pretty close there towards the end. So, we are starting somewhat in the hole this check and going from there. That’s OK though, we made it through payday weekend without spending much, and all we have to do is survive next weekend as well and we’ll be golden. We don’t generally spend that much during the week but on the weekends we go out and play (I think that’s probably pretty typical). No big playing for us for the next couple of weeks and we should be just fine.

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