Thrifty rabbit hole

I’m heading down the thrifty things rabbit hole. I have scads of books on the subject and I’m starting research for the book as well. Yes, I decided to write the book that I’ve been searching for. If you have any thrifty ideas or tips, please feel free to share and I’ll add them to my growing collection (with attribution, of course). I’m hoping to make a book that has advanced thrift tips and suggestions in a logical sequence rather than just a list or jumble of tips in no particular order. It’s going to take me a while and may never actually see the light of day, but it’ll keep me busy and entertained. And, this means my reading counts as research!

Books are arriving more each day and I am in hog heaven. I have material to keep me busy for a while on a subject that I love. Who knew my spendthrift ways would ever lead to this? Now my husband has to warn me not to get too stingy with our money! If only I could stick to a workout plan like I stick to a thrift plan, I’d be thin, rich, and happy. As it is I’m just happy. (but I’m working on the rest)

Anyway, I’m always in the market for thrift tricks and tips that I haven’t run across, if you have any or have any recommendations of a place you like to reference for thrift, let me know! Thanks.

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