I’m thinking hard these days about what hobby I want to take up once nursing school is over. I obviously want to make clothes, I already have the fixings for that. But, that won’t take up that much time really. I few days here and there. I can’t consistently make clothes all the time. (Well, I suppose I could, but I don’t want to) I’m thinking of putting pen to paper (or finger to keyboard) and actually writing a book. That would certainly take up my free time, it would be fun and challenging, and it would give me something to be proud of when I’m done. Yes, I’m still an English major at heart. Nursing fulfills my desire to truly help people in a tangible way, but writing a book would fulfill a dream that I’ve had since I was a child. I may never be a world-famous author (let’s face it, the chances of that are slim), but it would certainly be fun to try my hand at getting a book I wrote published.

My big problem is that I plan a good book but the actual writing doesn’t get done. I can write a 15 page research paper in a day, but the attention and stamina required to write an entire book is incredible. But, no one ever did anything by thinking they couldn’t.

Doing the impossible

I just need to remember:

Don't quit, achieve

I tend to quit and not go back to things. I get all fired up and start something, the motivation peters out, I quit, and there it sits, undone. I have a room full of half-finished projects. But, here’s what I propose… I start researching now and keep going until I graduate. I will have 6 months worth of research behind me and will have every conceivable fact and figure at my command by the time I start writing. I will know so much about my subject that the book will practically write itself.

We’ll see how that goes. In the meantime, it gives me an excuse to read as much as I can about my topic. Gee, what a shame. (tee-hee!)

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4 Responses to Hobbies

  1. whiskey0000 says:

    Great post. I totally understand this because procrastination is my downfall. I get distracted too easily and lose interest in the thing I’m doing and move on to something else. Rinse. Repeat. Lol!

    • I have knitting, sewing, and writing projects all half finished, cookbooks galore that I haven’t even cracked open, and at least 200 books that I haven’t read yet (I’m working my way through those though). It’s a running joke in my house.

  2. Penny Veg says:

    I think the key is to aspire to something you genuinely personally identify with. That way you will enjoy the challenge rather than feel obligated by some external demand. Discomfort in the pursuit of something you love, is one thing, and worth striving for. Discomfort in the pursuit of something ‘society’ tells us we should be aspiring to, is just conforming because you’re fearful of not meeting other people’s expectations. Focus on something that you love, and plan and structure your time so that you meet requirements that you set for yourself.

    • If you’ve ever read any books by Barbara Sher (they’re self-help but amazing), I’m what she classifies as a scanner. I am interested in several things but I don’t really care to go into huge depth about them. SO I start things that interest me but lose interest once I get to a certain point. (I haven’t figured out what that point is though because I’ve finished some projects and not others) But, I always go back to my different hobbies and each time I get a little farther along.

      I agree that doing things because society says you should is a sure recipe for disaster and unfinished work. I am genuinely interested in these topics and things but I lose steam if I can’t accomplish something relatively quickly. Ah, well. I’ll keep circling back around to them occasionally and eventually I’ll finish something!

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