Money, money, money, where did it all go? Well, it went to a friend, to the vet, to a new fence, and to one big dinner out before we knew we’d need it. We’re in the red, so we’ve been on an enforced family money spending fast for the week. It’s cool though, we get paid again soon, so there will be more money and a chance to start digging out again. Not much has changed, really. We did have to use the credit card because our emergency money ran out, but that’s OK. The amount was small and it was for the fence, so it is part of the home improvement debt anyway.

No more though. This pay period was an aberration. We’ll build up the emergency fund again and keep on chugging. No more credit card spending. The house has an entirely new outside and that’s enough for now. I have almost everything I need to finish the renovations on the bathroom, and anything that I don’t have will come out of regular family money. I’ll just get it done a bit at a time. We started this bathroom renovation 2 years ago and it hasn’t even gotten to the point where we can put a toilet in there yet. It’s down to studs. Ah well, I’ll start working on it as I get the chance and it’ll get done at some point before we move. We redid the other bathroom before this one, so for several years now our 2 bathroom home has only had one bathroom available. At least there are only 4 of us and none of us is a teenage girl!

Money is always going to be a thing. There is no getting away from it. At least, not in a way that I’d be comfortable with. But, we can certainly learn to spend less and be happy with what we have. Money comes and it goes and we are just one stop on it’s journey through thousands of hands. (wow, deep, man!) Anyway, I guess what I’m saying is that even a temporary setback like this week won’t last. It’s possible to crawl out, even if it’s just by inches at a time. We’ll get there.

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