Bread and yumminess

I’m making bread. We have a bread maker from years ago so I took it out, dusted it off, and am making a loaf of bread. I couldn’t seem to find any basic whole wheat breads that didn’t use milk though. I’ll keep looking or just try my hand at making one up. I am going to love lunch tomorrow: a bowl of my homemade salad mix with sunflower seeds, raisins, won ton strips, and imitation (soy!) bacon bits, and a slice of homemade bread with vegan butter. That sounds sooo good to me! Maybe I’ll have it for dinner tonight; the bread will still be warm.

The salad mix has green leaf lettuce, kale, spinach, broccoli, romaine, red cabbage, and cilantro in it this time. The first 5 are pretty steady but I like trying to add little things to make it taste a little different each week. That way it doesn’t get boring.

I’m trying out other vegan recipes as well so it’s not just all salad all the time. Black bean burgers are a particular favorite so far. Once I’ve settled on my favorite, I’ll give you a recipe. Pasta is a perennial favorite and I’m almost ready to start making my own sauce. I’m starting to get tomatoes in and soon I’ll have enough to start roasting them. I’ll add roasted onion, garlic, zucchini, bay leaf, oregano, maybe some bell pepper, some carrot, and whatever else I can find, simmer it all together for an hour and can it. I have a pressure canner now so I’ll try that out. I can whip up some salsa as well. I have the world’s best salsa recipe but it has no measurements. It’s all done by eyeballing it and smelling it (since I don’t actually eat salsa, I don’t do it by taste). I’ll try to figure out some measurements and see what I can come up with. At first guess, here’s what I’d say:

3 tomatoes

1 small onion

2 Tbsp cilantro

1/4 tsp garlic powder

juice from 1/2 an orange

That’s it. There is no heat to it at all, obviously. It’s best if you make it ahead of time and let it sit so the flavors can blend together. Overnight is great. Obviously, taste it to adjust the flavors into something that you like, but this is a really flavorful, basic salsa that you can make fresh whenever you want. It takes about 15 minutes to throw together and that’s just because of all the chopping. It’s pretty cheap, too. You get a lot of salsa with no strange ingredients for cheap.

Anyway, that’s it for the food edition of Green and Thrifty for today. Hope you’re having a good one!  (And wish me luck on my final this morning!)

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