Skinny B**ch

This book is about diet and lifestyle change. It’s full of cussing and very plain speaking, and I love it. I’m only a little way in so far but the authors are like your best, filthiest friends, telling you the real dope on losing weight and what junk food and drinks can do to you. They lay out a plant-centered way of eating and provide research to back it all up. It’s rollicking and funny and very filled with cussing, so if you don’t like that sort of thing, definitely don’t read it. The information jibes with what I have been learning both in nursing school, and doing research on my own. If you don’t like quite such plain speaking (I believe at one point they talk about you belonging to the fat-a** club or something similar) there are other books along the same lines that you can read, but this one tickles my funny bone. I was a sailor and a punk-rocker, so I am quite comfortable with profanity (though I am very careful not to use it around the kids) and this is positively dripping with it. It’s good information delivered in a somewhat tongue-in-cheek/somewhat serious manner. They are being funny about how they present some incredibly serious content. I’m looking forward to reading the rest of it within the next couple of days.

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