Black-belt saving

I mentioned yesterday that I went on a little book buying spree. Most of those books are on money management, being thrifty, and saving money. I’m in that place right now. I’m all about thrift and trying to figure out new ways to save money. The problem is that most of these books go over the same things. Turn off the lights, use coupons, take short showers… That’s fantastic but I already do that stuff. What I need is a black-belt thrift book. I need to figure out some money saving strategies that go beyond just shopping at thrift stores and turning off lights. The Tightwad Gazette was good for those things, but it’s not set up well for methodically working through the tips. It’s time to start researching and experimenting and doing for myself. I will, of course share my results with you.

I am not a coupon queen. I have tried couponing but ended up buying brands and things that I wouldn’t otherwise, just to get the deals. I just don’t have the discipline to pass up what seems like a really good deal. So, instead, I shop sales and loss leaders and the store that has the lowest prices overall. I keep thinking about going back to coupons but it’s hard to want to spend money on the newspaper (where most of the best coupons are) to save money. Add to that that we are eating more whole foods and there are rarely coupons for lettuce. But it’s cheaper overall to eat veggies and whole foods. It’s only more expensive if you do organic everything. Some things don’t need to be organic, and no matter what, eating whole foods is healthier than processed.

I am starting to edge into some of the more radical ways to save. The thing is, it’s just for me. My family has cut back on spending overall, but that’s because I was the biggest spender – being the primary shopper for everything from groceries to kids clothes. The rest of the family still uses shampoo and stick deodorant. That’s OK though, at least we are saving on my stuff. I was the one with the brand name stuff. I have weaned my husband off of chemical cleaners almost entirely. Although, there is a certain carpet cleaner that the animals are averse to that he won’t give up. I can’t say that I blame him because the cat has been peeing and pooping all over the room downstairs. If it works to keep the cat from going on that part of the floor, I’m good. (We’re taking him to the vet Tuesday to see if there’s anything actually wrong with him)

Natural and eco-friendly often times equals thrifty. I’m trying to be both these days but thrifty is winning out right now over all. I need that black belt book but I haven’t found it yet. I’ll keep reading and let you know. Heck, maybe I’ll write one myself someday.

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