Fasting doesn’t seem to be working

I’ve lost the same 3 pounds about 4 times so far. But, I’m doing better than I used to, at least I’m losing some weight sometimes. I’ll get there yet. At least I’m drinking enough water to stay hydrated finally. That’s my first habit. Eating fewer calories is coming. I stay within my calorie budget about half the time, which is better than none of the time, which is what I was doing before. I’m getting there. Habits take time and I’m giving myself the chance to create one. This is for the long haul. I don’t want to hit 41 and still be overweight. Half my family has diabetes, and the other half has had cancer recently. I’m obese and therefore at high risk for both. That is unacceptable.

Once again I haven’t stuck to a spending fast. But, I have been spending less. Yesterday I was doing homework in the morning and didn’t have the chance to make the kids lunches. There went money for pizza lunches at camp. I also went on a used book buying spree on Amazon with my money that I saved from last pay period. So much for saving, right? That’s all the money I’ve spent though. Still more than the none that I decided on, but it was all my allowance money so I don’t feel too bad. I didn’t spend any family money on anything for me. We did have to pay the guy who put in out new front door (huge pain in the butt, it took 2 days to finish it all the way. Very glad we didn’t try to do it ourselves!), and refill the tunnel toll thingie, and necessities like that, but we didn’t spend any money that we didn’t have to.

So, I’m having problems sticking to things all over the place. But, as I have decided our family motto should be, “We shall persevere!” I won’t be able to not spend anything this week as I need more salad fixings. We ate the heck out of it last week and it’s super yummy. Did I tell you about my salad? It’s a chopped salad with green leaf lettuce, romaine, kale, spinach, and broccoli (chopped up really small so that it’s in there but I don’t really have to taste it). This time I’m going to add carrots (which we buy anyway for my husband’s lunches so it won’t cost anything extra). I get full bunches of greens and heads of lettuce for around $7 and we can eat on it for a week and a half. Some goes bad because we can’t eat 2 heads of lettuce, a bunch of broccoli, half a bunch of kale and tons of spinach all in a week and a half, but we eat at least 3/4 of it and compost the rest. It tastes better than any of the store bought salad mixes and has a super nutritional profile. Anyway, I need more of all of that for the next week and a half. But, I have been able to keep family spending on random stuff to a minimum, so that’s nice.

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