Natural Recipes Update

So, I washed my hair with baking soda and apple cider vinegar as a rinse. It came out just fine. I didn’t see a huge difference. It was a little dry, but that’s to be expected if it’s finally clean of all the waxes and such that they put in shampoos. It’s stayed nice and hasn’t bothered me a bit. The vinegar smell seems like it won’t go away, but it really does. You rinse it out of your hair and it goes away totally.I did it again a couple of days later and my hair is positively bushy now that all the crud is out of it. I never knew. I mean, I knew I had a lot of hair, but the curls are back and it’s voluminous.

As far as the deodorant goes, I am a convert. It held up just fine to a full clinical day of moving around and moving patients around and sweating. It’s been hot lately and it’s holding up well in the heat, too. Not to mention I got the closest shave ever on my armpits this last time. It smells good (I actually got a compliment today on how nice I smell), and it’s cheap and easy. It doesn’t get better than that.

If natural products and DIY cleaners and such are hippie things, I’ll go with it. I’m sitting here wearing a tie-dyed dress, so I guess I’m turning into one. That’s cool. I’m not down with an open relationship and free love for my personal marriage, but I am into eco-consciousness and vegetarianism and all of that side of it. My parent’s generation started getting all of this into the wider public consciousness and for that I am grateful. My generation is making it more mainstream; I can’t wait to see what the next generation does with it. Hopefully for them it will be so normal as to be old hat. That’d be cool. At least we’re heading in the right direction for now.

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