Veggie things

I harvested 7 tiny tomatoes, perfect for my husband to eat raw in one bite. There are at least a dozen more that will be ready within the next week and many more coming along after that. I will be able to make amazing spaghetti sauce and some more of my tomato basil soup. (<— link to recipe) This time I’ll make a ton and freeze it. It’ll keep for a few months I’d guess and it’ll taste really good once the weather starts to turn chilly again. Heck, it’ll taste good whenever!

My tomato plants are taking over my garden. I didn’t really weed this year so there’s a tangle of plants (mostly tomato) and a few out of control weeds that make finding my poor little peas difficult. But, once it stops raining I’ll head on out and look for them. I have two carrots and one head of lettuce that I may start to harvest soon as it’s finally starting to grow well.

Speaking of lettuce, I have made the mother of all chopped salads. It cost $7 for all of the ingredients and I will be eating on it for as long as it will stay good. I chopped up small a head of green leaf lettuce, a couple of hearts of romaine, half a bunch of kale leaves, some spinach, a head of broccoli (really small because I don’t actually like it but the taste will blend in if it’s not big chunks), and half a head of red cabbage. I add carrots when I am in the mood. This fills a big Tupperware bowl if you pack it in and took two large bowls to mix. When you consider that salads at the hospital cafeteria don’t have nearly as many nutrients and way more junky stuff to put on them, for about $4.00 a meal, this is a steal. I’ve already taken it to school for lunch twice and to the hospital once. I add raisins and frien won ton strips instead of croutons. It’s a 250 calorie meal if you have 2 cups of the salad mix, 1/4 cup of raisins, and 2 tablespoons of won ton strips and Italian dressing each. Yummy. The flavors all blend together into a nice salad taste, you don’t get huge bites of anything specific (like one bite of all kale), instead you get a nice, mixed greens sort of taste while getting all the benefits of the healthy stuff.

Anyway, It’s a way to get healthy veggies. As a newish vegetarian trying to be more vegan, I’m going to be eating a lot of salads for a while, until I can build up a reliable repertoire of recipes (try saying that 5 times fast!). That’s OK though, I’m getting green, orange, and purple veggies all in one shot. If I added some tiny chopped yellow and red bell pepper, I’d be all set. (I don’t like raw tomatoes so that’s not really a nice option). It’s at least a start to getting some veggies in my life. I know, a vegetarian who doesn’t really eat vegetables. But I’m trying.

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