Saving small

I’ve been sitting here trying to think of something to save for. Of course there are the things like the eventual move, and the emergency fund, and paying off debt, and that sort of thing, but I was thinking smaller. My husband and I get an allowance to spend on whatever we want – no questions, no guilt – each paycheck. Since mine usually goes toward snacks and stupid stuff, I was thinking of starting to save it. The only problem is that I don’t have a goal for it. I don’t want it to be super long-term like it would be if I were saving up for a family vacation or something. I don’t want it to be super short-term either. I want something that I have to save a substantial amount of money for but that’s achievable within a year and a half, two years, tops. That’s about as long as I can see saving for.

I could try to save up for the next several years to get the tummy tuck I’ve always wanted after I lose the weight. Ha! I can see getting frustrated long before I have that kind of money.

I don’t need any jewelry since I don’t really wear much, I could use a spa day, but that’s not a longish-term goal. Massages don’t cost that much at the massage therapy school, I’ve heard. We don’t really have anything biggish that we want to buy. How strange is it that I can’t think of a good reason to save my little allowance? I think I’ll save it anyway. Something that I want is bound to turn up. And, it can’t hurt to have a little put away just in case we need a couple of hundred dollars more for closing costs or to pay that last little bit of the credit card debt off.

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