I haven’t tried a spending fast in a while. I failed the last couple of times I tried it. I don’t see why I can’t try it again though. Always the optimist. I did a small grocery trip – mostly salad fixings and chicken strips for the boys – and that should last me for a while. I have plenty of stuff on hand to keep me well fed for the next week and a half at least. That’s generally where the money goes, to food. And, since I’m trying to be more vegan – I’m slowly getting better – actually making my food, rather than getting it from a vending machine or buying the Pizza Hut pizza when they come to the school, will help me keep from eating dairy (my besetting sin). We don’t really have too many snacks in the house, so that’ll help keep me honest as far as my diet goes as well. Yes, I think a spending fast is in order.

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