A whole lotta nothing

Group projects and quizzes and 8 page care plans, oh my! Life is hectic at the moment, but that’s OK, I’m making it. Happy chaos reigns at my house, as always.

Oh, how my garden grows! I have a couple of ears of corn, many tomatoes and zucchini blossoms, and some flowers on my watermelon vine. It may not be as many varieties as last year, but this year’s crop will be just as big. Yay!

I’m working on being closer to vegan. I have made a list of vegan dishes and snacks that are available to me and I will be going through my (many) cookbooks to look for more possibilities. I have a cookbook devoted only to beans, there ought to be a few recipes in there that don’t call for meat. For now the list is about half a page long. When I did the same thing for meat dishes a long time ago, I came up with almost two pages. I’ll get there though as I experiment more. In the meantime, I’m eating lots of salads and raw veggies.

I found several free Kindle books on thrift (and bought two – for a total of $6) and I’m headed toward reading them. I took a bit of a break and read romances for a while – I like books with happy endings and debt books and the plight of farmed animals was getting me really down. But, back into the fray I go.

Sunday was spent getting food ready for the rest of the week. I was off my diet some over the weekend, but I’m recovering this week. We have veggies and fruits portioned out in individual containers as well as some lunch entrees (I have no idea how to make the accented e that belongs there, sorry) portioned out. Now all I have to do is throw a few containers into my lunch box and I’m good. And, today and Friday, I am at clinicals in places with cafeterias. At least one of the places has a salad bar, I’m not sure about the other. I can load up on salad for lunch that day though at least. So all I needed to do was get lunches ready for a couple of days and snacks for the week and I’m good. I don’t know why I don’t do this more often. OK, I do. It’s time consuming. It takes a couple of hours to wash and cut and portion out the produce and cook whatever meal I’m going to have for lunch. But, what’s a couple of hours on Sunday when I save all kinds of time the rest of the week? It’s hard to remember to do everything and bring everything when you have to be out the door at 5:30 AM, at least for me. If I can just grab a couple of containers and a water bottle, that makes my morning a lot easier.

Speaking of water, how on Earth am I supposed to drink 8 glasses a day? I’m positively swimming by the time I hit 6. But, it keeps my tummy more full so supposedly there’s not as much room for food. I still manage to eat things I shouldn’t, but at least I’m eating a little less of them. I’m tracking my food and staying at 1,200 calories a day is hard. Especially when you’re used to eating WAY more than that. I’m hungry all the time and water doesn’t keep your stomach from growling at embarrassing times. Ah, well. I’m hydrated and working on losing, so that’s something I guess.

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