Punk Rock Lives!

I’m sitting here listening to old punk rock songs, remembering how brash I once was. I had a mohawk (twice) and wore combat boots for years. I am feeling uber normal these days. I have a chin-length bob, two kids, a cat and a dog, a mortgage, and a loving, stable marriage. How very conventional of me. I’m still a rebel in my own little mind though (sometimes). It’s just morphed into a quieter thing. I sometimes think I need to be louder. That’s how this blog came about, at least partly. I am dedicated to being more eco- and animal-friendly, someday living in a paid for house and on a totally cash basis, and being as ethical as I know how.

Punk will always be a part of me and I’m grateful for that. No matter how “normal” I become, I will always have some really strange ideas about what constitutes normal. As I get older I realize how important it is to stay at least a little radical and speaking out about what’s important. I’m trying to do that in my own little way. I’m never going to be totally conventional and I’m glad to have found people like me out in the world. Thank you all for coming along with me and making me feel like I’m making a little difference.

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