Days sans kids

Had a couple of days without the kids. It was strange. But it was nice to reconnect with my husband and talk about things other than whether the kids can play video games or not. We rarely talk about important stuff because we are pretty good on those points. We tend to be in agreement and, when we aren’t, we can usually solve it quickly and without mess. We don’t mind talking about things in front of the kids generally but detailed money conversations happen away from them. But I think it’s important for the kids to see us disagree and solve it kindly and respectfully. How else are they going to learn what love looks like? We’ve even had arguments in front of them. We don’t argue much and when we do it tends to take the form of an intense conversation, but they’ve seen us. We are still respectful and try to follow the rules of arguments – don’t make it personal, don’t yell, stick to the issue at hand, compromise. Above all, remember that you love each other, despite disagreeing on something, and act like it!

A couple of days without the kids allowed us to watch movies that are inappropriate for them (always nice, this time it was the Underworld series), and go out on a date (getting all dressed up for dinner out). We went to a steakhouse. My husband used a menu to build a little barrier between me and his steak so that I wouldn’t have to look at a hunk of bloody meat while I was trying to eat my salad. He likes meat and I don’t mind him eating it, I just don’t want to have to watch it. He understands. We are still working out how to do this whole vegetarian in a house of meat eaters thing, but we’re getting there.

It was a nice couple of days and I was ready to have the kids back when they came home. They had a blast with their grandparents, and my in-laws loved having them. It is chaos again in the house, but that’s OK. I really don’t mind a little chaos usually. As long as it’s their chaos.

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