How do I love thee? Let me count the ways…

Food is all consuming at the moment because I can’t consume much. I spend half my day thinking about my next meal. I’ve taken to logging my food for the day in the morning because I’m more likely to stick to it if I have it planned out. As predicted, my shopping trip was colorful. I have veggies I can add to rice or pasta or eat alone. I have things separated out into snack sized bags. All I have to do for lunch is grab a few bags and throw them in my lunch box. Easy-peasy.

Of course, my in-laws are taking the kids for the next couple of days so I’m sure my husband and I will eat out at least once. I’m pulling for Mexican food. That’s OK though, as long as the rest of the time is within my calorie limits, I should be fine.

I’m drinking gallons of water it feels like. I’m about to float away. I don’t know how people get 8 cups of water in every day – I’m getting 6 and I’m full up to my eyeballs in water. But, it’s good for you, your body needs water to function properly. I learned all about it in school.  🙂

At least I’m feeling properly virtuous and healthy. I know I’ll get used to the calorie deficits soon enough and it’ll all be routine after a while. It’s in the meantime that I have to just muscle through. But, I’ve already lost a couple of pounds since I started several days ago. That’s promising.

Don’t worry, this isn’t going to become a weight loss blog, I’m just a little preoccupied with it at the moment.

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