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So, I’ve been trying to get healthy for a while now but haven’t been succeeding very well. One reason is that I haven’t actually been watching what I eat. So, I started using My Fitness Pal again. It’s a free app wherein you can track your eating, including calories, fats, carbs, protein, and all sorts of nutrients. Their database is insanely huge and in many cases you can just scan the barcode on whatever you’re eating and its information will come up. You can also input your own recipes and select serving sizes and it will calculate some of the information for you. You can enter a weight goal (gain or loss) and it will determine how many calories you should eat in a day based on your weight, goal, and activity level. It’s really neat and super easy. This also tends to help keep my eating under control as I don’t want to have to record that I ate 2 large pieces of pie or half a bag of chips or whatever.

I have gained 25 pounds since I started nursing school. Turns out I am a stress eater. I had never made that connection before. So, here I am having more weight to lose than when I started this whole mess. Ah, well. At least I’m starting now. Better late than never. It’s a struggle to stay near my target calories because they are few, but I am getting better. Once the chips are gone it will be easier.  🙂  Plus, a couple of the magazines I’m getting are fitness based so that should help keep me motivated.

Staying healthy and being frugal are one in the same almost. Veggies and fruits don’t cost much and neither do beans or that sort of thing. My husband and I agreed to an arrangement when I became vegetarian that he’d cook meat and I’d cook my dinner which he would eat as a side. We have done that exactly once I think. It needs to become a thing. My grocery shopping is about to get more colorful (you know, with different colors of veggie…)(I belabored that point, didn’t I?)(Ah, well). (Anyway…)We have meat to last us a while so the only grocery shopping we really need to do is for fresh produce weekly. That helps. I can slip in, go through the produce section and slip out, without venturing into the rest of the store and spending way too much money.

I have discovered that I like baked beans. They’re pretty good. However, new foods are things I have to slip into sideways. I will taste them at one sitting, then I’ll eat a little at the next, then a little more, until I am actually eating a serving at each sitting. I can’t just find something like that and automatically eat a whole bunch of it all at once. I sneak up on it. So, beans will make their appearance in my grocery cart. If I get dried beans they will cost a whole lot less, but I’m not ready to make that kind of meal commitment yet. For now I will get the smallest can of baked beans I can find. Maybe a couple of them. But, that’s protein, and that’s what I need to make sure I’m getting along with all of my veggies.

Weight loss will be easy once I get my diet straightened out. (She said optimistically.) I should be able to eat enough veggies to be full without going over my calorie allotment. Once I plateau the first time, I’ll add in weight lifting (since that’s what I love) and that should get me through that. I can add cardio after that to power through the next plateau. It all sounds so good in theory, doesn’t it? Ha! We’ll see how it goes.

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