I am getting magazines again. I got an offer I couldn’t refuse: 4 magazines, for a year, for $2 each. It was a bonus buy after another purchase. So, I get to read magazines again! The money came out of my personal money as well, so it didn’t cost the family anything extra. It’s a luxury I didn’t think to see again for a really long time.

What other great deals have I gotten lately? We did the meat bundle lately, as you know. That usually works out the around $2 a pound for bacon, ground beef, pork loin roasts, pork chops, beef roast, chicken leg quarters, whole chicken, and ribs. Most all butchers will have some sort of deal, and a larger meat processor will have even better deals if there’s one near you. From now on my husband will be handling these transactions though.

I found vegan (plastic) nursing shoes for $25. Leather nursing shoes often cost over $100. All the reviews say these plastic ones will last a year or so. Not terrible when you work out the cost per month. No idea how long the leather shoes will last, but I’m pleased with my plastics so far. They’ll last me through nursing school and my Mom is going to get me vegan (pleather) shoes, the ones that will last as long as the leather shoes, for graduation. They just don’t make them in white which is what I need for school.

Sales abound and I haven’t been taking advantage of them. I am finding that the best way to save money is not to spend it. Some of these deals are hard to pass up, but if I don’t spend the money at all, I have more in the end. It’s a lesson I am finally starting to learn. For a former spendthrift, it’s an important one. I thought I was doing well scoring fantastic deals. I was, but I’m doing even better now that I’m not spending as much overall. I am still looking for grocery deals whenever I can get them, and stocking up on things that we use regularly when they are on sale, but I am not just going out any buying whatever I feel like. I take that back, I still am, but it turns out that I don’t feel like buying as much as I used to. My food selections have gotten healthier and, aside from the occasional movie, there just isn’t much we really need anymore. Our outlook has changed. So, while the deals are still out there, we won’t be taking as much advantage of them as we used to.

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